Accelerating southern African Neuroscience


A continuation of the Brain Matters Seminar Series

Prof Oliver Turnbull 

Bangor University, UK 



Illustrating The Brain

‘Illustrating the Brain’ was a one-day workshop (based on Bangor University’s ‘Visceral Mind’ programme) aimed at postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers as well as academic staff with a background and interest in cognition, emotion, and mental health.

It covered  the fundamentals of human anatomy by adopting the classical approach of ‘anatomy through drawing and rehearsal’. It involved sessions of anatomical drawing, followed by supervised observation of brain prosections. Students were provided with a diagrammatic workshop, and practised the drawing and labelling of core brain structures. They also visited the the Hunterian Museum of Anatomy at Wits University.


A continuation of the Brain Matters Seminar Series




Integrating Theory and Practice in Neuropsychological Rehabilitation

Prof Barbara Wilson

The Oliver Zangwill Centre, Cambridge, UK

Practising neuropsychologists working in adult brain injury rehabilitation use a range of theoretical approaches in their clinical work. In 2002, Prof Barbara Wilson of the Oliver Zangwill Centre in Cambridge in the United Kingdom published a study which argued that rehabilitation was one of many fields needing a broad theoretical base incorporating frameworks, theories and models from many different areas.


This presentation considered some of the theories and models that had have had the greatest influence on neuropsychological rehabilitation.

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